Saturday, January 10, 2009

DeHart's Bible and Tire Center

When it comes to odd combination businesses, DeHart's Bible and Tire Center is the grail. The concrete block garage is located east of Morehead, at the intersection of US 60 and 174. Mr. DeHart was once quoted in the Morehead News as saying he "sells things to get people places." Amen to that.


Dave McLane said...


I came through Morehead some months ago on my way across America on US60 and shot a photo of Dehart's Bible and Tire and talked with somebody in the shop. I was able to pull up a photo of the place with Google Earth thanks to your posting which said it was at the junction of US 60 and (Kentucky?) 164.

But actually,I'm looking for the location of a barn quilt which I shot shortly after B&T going east. Would you happen to know where it is?

I've put the photo on Flicker here:

It was on the right hand side going west.

My e-mail address is here:

Thanks so much,


Henry said...

Thanks for preserving this bit of history - that store has been around for years - we even interviewed the owner for the high school paper back in 1992. He's definitely got his own style (assumign it's the same owner these days), glad to see it's still there.