Wednesday, April 8, 2009

*UPDATE* Abandoned HIgh School to Get New Life!

I just read that the old Mt. Sterling High School is going to be renovated! The details have not yet been finalized, but I'll let you know when I find out more! I love it when old buildings get rescued instead of bulldozed. My hometown of Morehead could take a cue from Mt. Sterling, which does a wonderful job of preserving it's history!

Tiny Old Store?

Spotted on Highway 2 near Carter City. Looks to me like an old gas station.

Carter City Gingerbread House II

This lovely abandoned home is on the way to Carter City. It looks almost exactly like another one on the other end of town. They both have beautiful carved details on the porches. We were able to creep into this one and check out the bottom floor. There are two gorgeous fireplaces in each of the living rooms. It is truly a shame that homes this beautiful have been left to rot.

Carter Jamboree

This was spotted in Carter City, Carter County. Anybody know what the Carter Jamboree is? Whatever it was, it looks like it's over now.

An Airplane in the Yard!

My dad and I have a dream... To have a runway and be able to land airplanes at our house. I was out driving aimlessly (as usual) and ran across this farm in Montgomery County. The guy has a huge yard with a powered glider right next to his house! He even has a big bright windsock! He is living the dream! One day... this will be me!

Abandoned Grocery in Bethel

This long abandoned IGA grocery is in Bethel, Ky. It has some beautiful architectural details, but unfortunately looks very unstable. I do not think it will stand much longer.

Krossroads Diner

This little restaurant has been closed for a few years, but it used to operate as the Beachway Diner. It was owned by a man (whose name I unfortunately can not remember) who could cook like nobody's business! It was open 24 hours, and had some of the best breakfast you'd ever want! There was also a game room downstairs, which was popular with the local kids. It is located in Farmers, Ky at the corner of US 60 and 801.

Ruth Hunt Candy Company

On her Spring Break, I took my daughter to the Ruth Hunt Candy Company in Mt. Sterling for a tour of the factory. They are the makers of the amazingly delicious Blue Monday bars. In case you have never had the delight that is a Blue Monday, it is cream candy covered in chocolate. Our tour guide, Rachel, showed us around the building and told us how the candy is made. Junior, the cook, even lifted my girl up so she could look down into the big vats of chocolate. We got LOTS of samples and had a wonderful time! Everyone there was SO SWEET! No pun intended...