Thursday, March 17, 2011

Abandoned Salt Lick and Ale-8 Mural

Just off of US 60, in Salt Lick, Ky 211 snakes through the tiny community. These two buildings rest quietly on Main Street. Salt Lick used to be a bustling little town, boasting at least two hotels, a number of stores, and a train station. I can remember going to this store when it was a five and dime. I believe it was last open in the mid-eighties. The Ale-8 mural still looks good for the most part.

The Ale-8 mural was originally painted by Bill Fitch. I have started looking for more info on this artist, but haven't had luck, yet. I'd really love to know if he did any other murals that are still visible. According to the date, he did this in January! I looked up what the weather was that day, and the Farmer's Almanac site lists the high on January 24, 1958 as 35 degrees! Eeeek! I don't like to venture out if it's below 50, and this guy did a whole mural in the cold!

Re-painted by Rhonda Armitage...

The windows are broken, but bars keep everyone out.

Ron left his mark here.

The shelves are still there, but haven't held any merchandise in a while. The sun trickles in through holes in the ceiling.

If anyone has any info or stories about these buildings, or the painters of the mural, please inform us in the comments!

By Pass Church of God

US 60 was re-routed several years ago to straighten the road between Salt Lick and Midland. Sitting high on the hill, overlooking the new alignment rests this old church. It is wasting away, like so many other small country churches in rural Kentucky.

All the doors were locked, but I put my arm through the broken window to snap these shots of the interior. It looks as if the members got up after the service and just never went back. Bibles and pillows still sit on the pews, waiting. I wonder about things like: Who sat in those seats and why didn't they come back? Did anyone get married here? Did any funerals take place? Who was the pastor? And who painted that mural of Jesus?

In the basement were the Sunday School rooms, where the children played and learned. Overall, the building is really in decent shape, except for the broken windows. Maybe it could be rescued.

Abandoned in Farmers

This once cozy little cottage is disintegrating quickly. Looks like a lot of water damage and mold... Ew!

Ingram-Stevens Cemetery

Hard to believe after all the exploring and roaming I have done in this area, that I could miss this tiny cemetery right under my nose! On US 60 in Farmers, beside the old Beach Way/Krossroads Diner is this tiny plot in an odd location, just steps away from the busy highway.

New Spot Roller Rink

You gotta love a place that hasn't changed...ever! I started coming to New Spot Roller Rink when I was in elementary school about 25 years ago. It still looks exactly the same as I remember, and suspect it looks pretty much like it did when it opened in 1947. The battered wood panel walls are lined with LP covers from the 70's and early 80's featuring former jukebox choices as Kenny Rogers, The Temptations and Barbara Streisand. The benches are the same, the hand-painted signs are still there, and come to think of it, those roller skates look familiar, too! The people are friendly, the prices are awesome, but best of all is the old-school feel of stepping back into your childhood. The rink is located on US 60 in Salt Lick.