Thursday, March 17, 2011

By Pass Church of God

US 60 was re-routed several years ago to straighten the road between Salt Lick and Midland. Sitting high on the hill, overlooking the new alignment rests this old church. It is wasting away, like so many other small country churches in rural Kentucky.

All the doors were locked, but I put my arm through the broken window to snap these shots of the interior. It looks as if the members got up after the service and just never went back. Bibles and pillows still sit on the pews, waiting. I wonder about things like: Who sat in those seats and why didn't they come back? Did anyone get married here? Did any funerals take place? Who was the pastor? And who painted that mural of Jesus?

In the basement were the Sunday School rooms, where the children played and learned. Overall, the building is really in decent shape, except for the broken windows. Maybe it could be rescued.


the "G" fam said...

Awesome pics! I'm so glad you have updated and can't wait to hopefully visit this summer! :)

I texted you but didn't hear back so maybe I have the wrong number? I'm off FB for Lent so you can email me.

Tracy :)

tom said...

love the inside of the church shots