Monday, December 29, 2008

New stuff comin' soon!

I know, it's been a minute since I have posted anything new! The kids have been out of school and it has been freakin' cold and Christmas kept me busy and (insert excuse here)! I have some new photos and there will be more in the next couple days! Check back soon!

Friday, November 28, 2008


Rothwell, Kentucky is now nothing more than a small cluster of houses and a few abandoned buildings. The old general store is boarded up tight, but there is a tiny old post office next door full of posters and cards from WWII. Rothwell is located on US 460 between Jeffersonville and Frenchburg.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Upper Spencer is a very well-preserved abandoned church on Highway 713 in Montgomery County. According to the sign, it was built in 1845. There is an addition to the building that is falling in, but other than that, the church seems to be in good shape. I would have loved to have gotten into the main part of the building, but it was locked up tight, and the windows were too high for me to peek into. I'll see what I can find out and hopefully I'll have an update on this lovely structure soon!

Greenbrier Lake

This small, lonely lake is located in Jeffersonville. Turn off US 460 onto the very twisty and turny McCormick Road. After driving past several miles of small farms and lovely country homes, the road leads over a peak from which Greenbrier Lake is visible. I accidentally found it while driving around aimlessly one day and was totally surprised! But as many times as I have driven by it since, I have never actually seen anyone here.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Kuntry Kitchen

On the corner of US 460 and 213 in Jeffersonville stands the now-closed Kuntry Kitchen. It was once a restaurant serving home-cooking. It also appears to have gone through an incarnation as a cigarette and video rental shop, according to the sign on the side of the building. I have only seen the place open once, and that was for an indoor yard sale.

*UPDATE* The building has been re-purposed as a pawn shop. I stopped in once to get a paper notarized and received the worst service ever.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Midland Grocery

Just about one of the cutest abandoned stores I've ever seen! The lady who owns it says it is about fifty years old, but was unsure of when it closed down. Midland Grocery sits on US 60 across from the New Spot Roller Rink.

Do Wooden Quilts Keep Anyone Warm?

Truly a bizarre phenomemon. A couple of years ago, these large wooden squares painted to look like quilts started popping up on barn sides across Kentucky. I did a little research, and apparently, this began in Ohio. A lady wanted to honor her mother, who was a quilter, so she erected a large wooden quilt on her barn.

I know what you're thinking... "Well, that's logical!" Now these things are everywhere, even on random concrete buildings. There is some kind of statewide program to paint wooden quilts and put them on barns. Sure they are pretty, but I am still puzzled... Why not just make some actual quilts? Maybe teach others how to quilt... That would preserve the art form for future generations...and they'd be toasty warm, too!

UPDATE- My sister calls these Amish gang signs!

Christian Barn

I am not really sure what goes on at the Christian Barn, but I am sure it's a good time! Maybe one of the many churches along this road uses it for dances or gatherings. But you gotta love the signage! The barn is located in Means, Ky, on US 460.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Farmers Airport

When I was about eight years old, my father became a pilot and gave me my first ride in a single-engine plane. A few years ago, he taught me how to fly. We had a lot of fun at this runway, the former Morehead-Farmers Rowan County airport. It was shut down last year and the big, yellow X's were painted over the numbers to signify that it is no longer in use. A new airport opened off of HWY 801 North and from what I have heard, is a safer, nicer strip. The old runway was nestled in the hills and was easy to lose sight of at lower altitudes. Pretty scary for a beginner! It was in a very scenic area, though, and I am really sad that I won't be flying out of here anymore.

Farmers Airport is beside Cave Run Lake, a man-made lake created when the Licking River was dammed in 1973. Acres of farms, homes, and barns were covered. When viewed from above, it is amazing how much of the topography can still be made out under the water. Several graveyards were flooded as well. They say they moved the graves, but that's another post!

The hangar that once housed the planes is now full of hay.

Farmers Mercantile's Giant Boot

Farmers Mercantile, home of the giant boot! It is as tall as me and the toe box is very elongated. The store used to sell things like farm supplies and cowboy boots, but now is an antique and craft mall. Don't forget to pick up your Corn Hole game while you are there! It is on the corner of US 60 and Airport Road.

*UPDATE* They still sell boots!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Large Cattle

A majestic black cow looms over Ky 1274 in Menifee County near Cave Run Lake. Pictures do not do this gigantic fiberglass bovine justice! Just one of many over sized cows- Look for more soon!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Oh, The Irony!

This is in a parking lot on US 460 near Camargo Elementary. I smile every time I see it!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hillbilly Hot Dogs

I could not make this up if I tried! Hillbilly Hot Dogs is located in Lesage, WV, beside the Ohio River. Michelle and I ran across it on the way back from Point Pleasant, but it was already closed for the day. You may remember seeing Guy Fierri of the Food Network here for his show "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives". The restaurant is a converted yellow school bus with plenty of genuine hillbilly decor. Everyone says the food is awesome, and I can't wait to go back when they are open. A must-see for those with a good sense of humor!


This past spring, my best friend, Michelle, and I traveled to Point Pleasant, West Virginia to see the place that bore the legend of the Mothman. Our first stop was the humongous and very shiny statue of Mothman. Unfortunately, it was raining buckets, so we didn't stay outside long enough to get more pictures! Besides, my four-year-old was scared of the statue. We visited a cool little shop called "The Point" before going across the street to the world's only Mothman Museum! There were all sorts of Mothman-related items there, such as the original handwritten statements by the witnesses, props from the movie, and souvenirs. No "Mothman Tour" is complete without a stop at Harris Steakhouse aka "The Mothman Diner." Ms. Carolin Harris has operated the place for over 35 years and is a very sweet lady. She is still brimming with energy at six in the evening after being on her feet all day... It is well worth the trip just to visit her. The place hasn't changed a bit in all this time. I especially liked the old bar stools. We loved Point Pleasant- the locals are absolutely wonderful and we plan to go back for the Mothman Festival the September 20-21.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Old Store on Freestone Road

This place looks like it could have been a store. There is a rusted "Royal Crown" soda sign hanging over the door, and all of the windows are boarded up. Located on Freestone Road in Farmers, Ky.

Freestone Road Bridge

During summer in Farmers, Ky, it is easy to miss this iron bridge that once connected Freestone Road to US 60. It is covered in greenery and both ends are blocked off to traffic. I am not sure when it fell into disuse, but I seem to remember going over it as a kid. According to the plaque on the US 60 end, it was built in 1921.

The Train to Nowhere!

This is a very old caboose that sits by Ky 801 just off of the I-64 exit. I believe it was once part of the C & O railway that ran through Morehead. The train stopped running over 25 years ago, and not long after it shut down, the caboose showed up here. It is no where near the old tracks! The red paint is slowly fading away, and the wooden planks are bending and splitting, but it stands as a silent reminder of days gone by.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"The Attic" in Jeffersonville

I know nothing about this old building near Jeffersonville, but my guess is it was a store of some sort. Faded, hand-painted rainbows frame the name of the place, "The Attic". There is half of a "Red Baron" sign which I think refers to the pizza. With it's cement-block walls and boarded-over bay doors, it looks like it could have been a garage at one time.

Giant Cows!!!!

Some places have Muffler Men, we have giant cows! This is one of many giant cows that populate Eastern Kentucky. It is on US 460 just outside of Mt. Sterling, on the way to Camargo. It stands on someone's lawn beside a large farm.

Welcome to Roadside Weirdness!

Hi! My name is Nicosia, and I have always held a fascination with the weird, abandoned, and unusual. As a small child, Mom and I would accompany my genealogist and historian grandmother to every out of the way graveyard she could find. Mammaw Jean would let me do the rubbings on the old stones with my crayons while she documented the graves and told me how I was related to the person buried there. We checked out old empty houses, too! It wasn't until I grew up that I realized not everyone hung out in graveyards and traipsed around abandoned buildings for fun. Our journeys took us on many off-the-beaten-path detours to small towns filled with Mom and Pop diners, musty courthouses, abandoned buildings and lots of friendly people all over Eastern Kentucky! Mammaw could strike up a conversation with anyone about anything, but the talk always turned back to history in some form or another. She listened well and remembered every story and tried to pass them on to the next generation. In the process, she gave me a gift I treasure- the ability to find the adventure anywhere, even in your own backyard!

This little corner of the web will showcase whatever strange things I find on my travels, wether it be giant cows, abandoned gas stations, or wigwam shaped motels... Thanks for riding shotgun!