Friday, August 22, 2008


This past spring, my best friend, Michelle, and I traveled to Point Pleasant, West Virginia to see the place that bore the legend of the Mothman. Our first stop was the humongous and very shiny statue of Mothman. Unfortunately, it was raining buckets, so we didn't stay outside long enough to get more pictures! Besides, my four-year-old was scared of the statue. We visited a cool little shop called "The Point" before going across the street to the world's only Mothman Museum! There were all sorts of Mothman-related items there, such as the original handwritten statements by the witnesses, props from the movie, and souvenirs. No "Mothman Tour" is complete without a stop at Harris Steakhouse aka "The Mothman Diner." Ms. Carolin Harris has operated the place for over 35 years and is a very sweet lady. She is still brimming with energy at six in the evening after being on her feet all day... It is well worth the trip just to visit her. The place hasn't changed a bit in all this time. I especially liked the old bar stools. We loved Point Pleasant- the locals are absolutely wonderful and we plan to go back for the Mothman Festival the September 20-21.


Todd said...

I hope you weren't wearing wool sweaters when you encountered Mothman.

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