Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stepstone Road area

The Stepstone Road area of Montgomery/Bath county is chock full of abandonments. Here are a few of the more interesting ones. I am particularly intrigued by the one missing part of it's roof.

Carter City Gingerbread House

It is such a shame to see a gorgeous house like this in decay. The ornate gingerbread detailing is just beautiful. They don't make them like this anymore!

Abandoned General Store

On a recent quest for weirdness, my best buddy and I ran across this old general store at the corner of Highway 2 and 182 in Carter County. It was wide open, so we went in. The shelves and displays were still in place, but the merchandise and customers were long gone. The downstairs of the structure was in decent condition, but the upstairs was pretty rickety with a saggy floor that I didn't venture too far into. To the side of the building was what looked like an addition that never got finished. According to the handmade plaque, it was built in 1937 by C.R. Kiser and son.

Jordan Fork One-Room School

Off Highway 2 in Carter County, north of I-64, is this boarded-up one room school. My best friend and I thought it was a church at first, but I was able to peek between a couple of the boards to see a tiny desk. It sits right next to a small creek. If you know anything about this or any other one-room schools in Kentucky, please contact me!

Mt. Sterling Central School Building

Located directly behind the abandoned high school is this much older building that used to house the offices for the school district.

Old Mt. Sterling HIgh School

In the heart of historic downtown Mt. Sterling, sits the abandoned high school. It was built in 1912, and left to rot in the 1990's. I hope to go back to get interior photos soon (I had my kids with me and it isn't a safe place for the youngsters with all that broken glass!).

The school is located on Maysville Street and is easily spotted due to the walkway that stretches over the road, leading to the Mt. Sterling Elementary school. There is talk of the old building being renovated, and I'll be sure to update when I know more.

Path of the Old Railroad

If you know where to look, and what to look for, you can see where the old railroad tracks used to run through downtown. This is near Fox Street.

South Queen Street Church

One of Mt. Sterling's oldest buildings is located on South Queen Street downtown. This beautiful old church was built in 1878, and the new addition is dated 1893. It is still in use and is in wonderful condition.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Abandoned on Stepstone Road

I set out looking for the site of an old church which was center of a ghost story, but instead, found this really cool house! It sits on one of the many gravel roads that branch off of Stepstone Road. The inside of the house is filled with junk furniture and hay, and the chimney is still intact- but barely. The remants of what used to be a cellar are still out back. I didn't venture inside because it looked way too unstable.