Saturday, February 28, 2009

Old Mt. Sterling HIgh School

In the heart of historic downtown Mt. Sterling, sits the abandoned high school. It was built in 1912, and left to rot in the 1990's. I hope to go back to get interior photos soon (I had my kids with me and it isn't a safe place for the youngsters with all that broken glass!).

The school is located on Maysville Street and is easily spotted due to the walkway that stretches over the road, leading to the Mt. Sterling Elementary school. There is talk of the old building being renovated, and I'll be sure to update when I know more.


Danny said...

Another great post. An old school like this would make some great condos or apartments (or even office space). It would be a shame to keep this building sitting empty much longer.

Nicosia said...

Thanks, Danny! That's what I love about living in Mt. Sterling... The town really takes pride in it's history.