Saturday, January 3, 2009

C and O Train Station

The Chesapeake & Ohio Railway once passed through Mt. Sterling, carrying passengers and freight, which were loaded here, at this long abandoned train station. The buildings are in pretty good shape, It is on the National Register of Historic Places and a group of high school students have plans to restore the buildings to their former glory. The station is located on Railroad Street.


tRacy g said...

Hi! Those cookies were just a recipe I found and I bought the cookie cutters. I told Cory that I am sure mom's old recipes are at the house somewhere, not sure if we will ever see those again! Hope all is well with you all! :)

Danny said...

These old buildings are great! I applaud the high school kids that want to get these renovated. While I don't underestimate the youth of today I just wonder what their plan of action is. Do you know who they are or how to contact them? I'd be interested in hearing more about this project.

thanks for the great post!

Danny said...

I found the site on Google Earth...that being Mt. Sterling, KY. The old train station is marked on mine.

Who is the little girl in that particular picture?

thanks again

Nicosia said...

That's my daughter, Izzy. She loves to ride shotgun with me!

Nicosia said...

Here\'s the article
from Images of Mt. Sterling