Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shoes by the Road

Every time I see a shoe by the side of the road, I am filled with so many questions... Who lost a boot? Where were they going? What happened to the other one? This is an old work boot I saw on 460. My best guess is that someone had it on the back of a truck and it fell off. Any other ideas?


Emerald Avalanche said...

I completely agree. Lonely boots always fill me with questions.

Cuzzin Tim said...

You're probably exactly right. Unless you stopped and checked and there was a foot in it.

TySellsHouses said...

I see the stuck between the cab and bed if concrete workers and construction workers all the time. I think it's an odd place because, they obviously fall out. Why there? Why not the bed? But shoes tied and thrown over power lines deal me out.