Sunday, September 5, 2010

Abandoned on Clearfield Hill

Many things have changed on Clearfield Hill since I was a child. This little house is no exception. Personally, I never knew the old couple who lived here, but used to wave at them as I drove by. Any time the weather was nice, they would be outside on the porch, and as the years passed, I would see them less and less. Not long ago, we stopped seeing them altogether. I do not know if they passed away, or maybe they moved in with family, or to a nursing home, but the house has gone downhill fast. A few months ago, the windows were removed. I figured that someone was getting ready to tear it down, but it has sat like that for months- open to the elements. Today, I finally stopped after visiting my mother, who lives up the road. I didn't figure on seeing anything inside, but the house was full of belongings that told the story of these people's lives. There were bags of clothes, and a few nice things hanging up. There were newspapers from years ago, including one that featured an article about Nixon. There was an exercise bike and old mail. It was really melancholy to think that it was once so full of life... and now no one cares about the things that remain. The floors are somewhat sturdy in the front, but towards the back of the house, they get weaker and weaker.... Pretty soon, there will only be gaping holes. There was a lot of old furniture that was probably nice in it's day, but has rotted with the rain and moisture coming in. If I find out what happened to the couple, I will be sure to post it in an update. By the way, to the left of the house is now a car repair business, but it used to be the location of the old Clearfield Elementary school.

Notice that stamp only cost 8c! And that Clearfield was such a small community at the time, you didn't even need a 'real' address. Just the name and town will do just fine. Everyone knew everyone here.

*UPDATE* No longer standing as of June 2011

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