Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Paragon Tunnel

Off 519 in Rowan County, on the opposite side of Cave Run Lake is a flooded former creek called Paragon. The road now travels over what used to be a tunnel that was collapsed on itself several years back when it was deemed unsafe. As a child, I used to go fishing here with my family. When we went through the tunnel, my dad would stop in the middle and turn out the headlights. The sound of water dripping from the rocky ceiling, the darkness, and general spooky atmosphere of the place would freak me out! Of course, my dad also used to tell me that the branches poking out of the water were dead people's bones, but that's a whole different post! In the photo, the place where the road curves up over the hill is where the tunnel used to be.

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SANUNAI said...

I really love your blog it was so scary but very educational, that was a cool place and pictures..