Friday, March 13, 2009

What the Heck is This?

Across from the old brickyard is this mystery: A field of concrete pyramids. No one I have talked to seems to know what they are for or what they are doing there. Right in the middle of the pyramids is an old junk car... Perhaps a sacrifice to please the concrete spirit?


JSH said...

There are also some of these same concrete thingies hidden in the weeds by the side of the railroad tracks in Richmond Cemetery.

They look sorta like the concrete supports used for elevated railroad bridges, but much smaller. Not sure what purpose they served here, or in Richmond Cemetery for that matter.

George said...

those look like tank traps. france put those all over to try to stop the germans. of course the germans went around them. why they would be there i dont know so thats probably not what they are. awesome site by the way.